Weather patterns in the North Ionian

On the Ionian Islands winds tend to be consistent in the summer.

From June to September the normal wind in the northern part is from the NW to WNW. Generally it arrives around noon, blows between Force 2-5 and dies at sunset. In the morning there may be light E or SE winds.

From early October to April/May the winds are N or S and they can reach up to Force 6 or 7.

In July and August the NW wind known as the Maistro may blow a little stronger to Force 6 and care should be taken from gusts coming off the lee side of high islands especially in the inland sea of the islands of Levkas, Cephalonia and Zakinthos (Zante).

In the summer the climate in the northern Ionian is sunny with very little rain and temperatures vary from 30 to 40 degrees C.